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We are business strategy architects, engineers, and technologists.

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Real Solutions to Real Problems

Our small business is a recognized leader in providing business, engineering, and technology services for migration and integration. EXPANSIA's ability to transform organizations, especially when mission impact is critical, differentiates us from the rest.

Our core strategy and technology consulting services include:

Transformative Program & Technology Strategies

To effectively deploy your technology solution requires your entire organization to align to a common goal or mission, and then execute with agility. We architect business, acquisition, and engineering strategies--all integrated together--to transform your complex and dynamic enterprise to rapidly integrate and deploy that solution.

IT & Cloud Technology Services

Whether your solution is “on-prem,” “in the cloud,” “hybrid,” or migrating to one of these platforms, your solution should leverage the latest technologies. Our IT and Cloud technology services can augment your technical team to help design, architect, develop, migrate, test, and deploy your solution quickly.

Lean, Agile, and DevSecOps

All technology consumers need the ability to quickly adapt to their changing requirements with the latest technology. Based on lean and agile principles, we leverage our real-world experience implementing Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipelines. With this, we optimize your Development-with-Security-to-Operations (DevSecOps) tools and culture–so you can deliver technology faster.

Why partner with us?

Our mission is simple: to help our clients deploy technology faster. All of our services--from transforming organizations to be agile at scale, to migrating technology solutions to the Cloud, to optimizing our clients’ pipelines from development to deployment--are focused on this one mission. Whether you just need coaching in one of these areas or are looking at our full-scale offering across all of our services; we stand ready to help you implement your agile vision.

Transitioning technology with agility

Worldwide competition to field the latest technology first is formidable. EXPANSIA routinely introduces transformative methods and techniques to automatically integrate and test system modifications quickly.

Fast feedback allows you to quickly field the latest infrastructure, service, or application upgrades, thus maintaining your responsive advantage. From introducing rapid prototyping to iterative technology delivery on cadence with your organizational enterprise, we deliver value to your end-users quickly and iteratively.

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Transforming government acquisition programs

In order for the United States to maintain its technological advantage in today’s fast-paced IT environment, deploying technology faster is a must. Despite this need, the federal sector faces significant challenges in developing and fielding vital new technology with agility. Furthermore, senior government leaders now demand that programs transition to a DevSecOps model in order to deliver capability faster.

With EXPANSIA, you leverage our first-hand experience leading regulation and security-compliant government organizations from portfolio requirements decomposition, contracting, test and sustainment.

The result: an agile methodology and governance structure resulting in sustainable rapid capability delivery for government programs infusing culture-changing accountability.

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Tackling federal cloud migration

Federal agencies are challenged with migrating their IT-based weapon or business systems to the cloud in a rapid/simplified manner. While technology is often the primary transformation focus; however, the complex government acquisition life cycle and cybersecurity hurdles can often be the biggest challenges to a successful migration.

We provide the complete offering! EXPANSIA has experts from all functional disciplines who are not just “book-smart,” but have the practical implementation experience you need. To support the technology migration and the acquisition/security issues, EXPANSIA provides cleared personnel to address the holistic problem.

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Who We Are

EXPANSIA started in 2014 as the brain trust of founding partner, Adam “AJ” Jarnagin, who saw the opportunity and need to extend our nation’s R&D and commercial investments by bridging the gaps between commercial, R&D, acquisitions, and the operational user communities. Our passion is to engage in client goals targeted on defense and federal requirement-implementation in an affordable and rapid way. Located in southern New Hampshire, we are a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business that embraces conservative growth as we deliver long-term success to our clients.