AJ Jarnagin To Receive NDIA Small Business Executive Of The Year

EXPANSIA is proud to announce that CEO Adam “AJ” Jarnagin is to receive the National Defense Industrial Association’s(NDIA) prestigious Kathleen P. Sridhar Small Business Executive of the Year Award on Nov 15, 2021 at the NDIA’s Fall Board of Director’s Luncheon in Arlington, VA.


The award is named in honor of the late Dr. Kathleen Sridhar and is given to those who best reflect Dr. Sridhar’s leadership excellence and support for a robust small-business sector within the defense industrial base.


“I received this kind of award because people have taken their time to mentor me,” Mr. Jarnagin says. “Other people have dedicated time and resources to give back, and I’ve been a recipient of that. I felt compelled to do the same because of the great support that I’ve had throughout my career, both when I wore the uniform in the military to when I transitioned out with a service-connected disability.” He further explains that he didn’t know what he was going to do during that time of his life, and the support he received was key to his own growth. He simply felt compelled to do what he’d been taught and trained to do because of those people.


“I’m grateful for what the award represents,” Mr. Jarnagin states, “that is what’s important to me. The meaning of the award is really about helping and giving back to those we can reach. If we have that mindset of sharing and supporting others, to share our lessons and ask questions and be vulnerable together, a lot of good can come from that. I participate in the NDIA to help mentor other companies. I hope that both EXPANSIA and I can continue to make a positive impact in the industry.”


Read more details about AJ Jarnagin receiving the Kathleen Sridhar Small Business Executive of the Year Award at NDIA New England. Read about this and other prestigious annual awards at NDIA.org. Learn more about EXPANSIA by exploring our website, expansiagroup.com.


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