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Public Sector

Transforming Government
Technology Programs

In order for the United States to maintain its technological advantage in today’s fast-paced IT environment, deploying technology faster is a must.

Despite this need, the federal sector faces significant challenges rapidly developing and fielding vital new technology, migrating existing IT-based systems to the cloud, and navigating complex government acquisition life cycle and cybersecurity hurdles. Furthermore, senior government leaders now demand that programs transition to a DevSecOps model in order to deliver capability faster.

With EXPANSIA, you leverage our first-hand experience leading regulation and security-compliant government organizations from transformation concept, agile acquisition strategy, portfolio requirements decomposition, contracting, testing, and sustainment.

The result: an agile methodology and governance structure resulting in sustainable rapid capability delivery for government programs infusing culture-changing accountability.

Kind Of

We Address

­“How can we transform our organization’s culture to be effective in delivering technology solutions under federal regulations?”
­“How can our acquisitions office respond faster to warfighter needs?”
­“Government leadership has instructed us to become an agile organization. What should we do?”
­“We have reorganized according to current ‘best practices’ in program management; why does it still take so long to get our technology solutions out the door?”
­“How should we build our software pipeline to maintain our nation’s technical advantage?”
­“How do we integrate and test our software in an agile way and still satisfy the Operational Test community?”
­“How can we effectively create a ‘DevSecOps’ mindset and incorporate cybersecurity earlier in our software delivery pipelines?”

Private Sector

Helping Businesses
Build Competitive Advantage

Worldwide competition to field the latest technology first is formidable. EXPANSIA routinely introduces transformative methods and techniques to automatically integrate and test system modifications quickly so that businesses can stay ahead of the competition.

We take a holistic approach to support your technology and security challenges. Instead of proposing a canned package of services to address perceived inefficiencies, we first help you define success for your organization and then build a custom solution with you. To help all along the way, EXPANSIA has experts from all functional disciplines who are not just “book-smart,” but have the practical implementation experience you need.

Fast feedback allows you to quickly field the latest infrastructure, service, or application upgrades, thus maintaining your responsive advantage. From introducing rapid prototyping to iterative technology delivery on cadence with your organizational enterprise, we deliver value to your end-users quickly and iteratively.

Kind Of

We Address

­­“We have implemented a change management initiative. Why are we not improving our delivery timelines?”
­“How can our teams improve their digital effectiveness?”
­“How prepared are we to deliver technology solutions in today’s market-driven environments? How ‘agile’ are we?”
­“How do we design and where do we implement a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline?
­“How can I improve my organization’s ability to rapidly adapt to changes in the marketplace, in customer sentiment, in competitor positioning, and in technology?”

The Value
We Bring


EXPANSIA eliminates the risks and maximizes mission outcomes by accelerating digital transformation that supports operational sustainment when your agency needs it most.


EXPANSIA is  a proud VA Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), CMMI-SVC-3, and an ISO 9001 and 27001 Appraised company.

Adding Value Through Strategic Agility

EXPANSIA designs and implements integrated business and technology strategies to transform programs into agile entities focused on the rapid and continuous delivery of value.