Program & Technology Strategies

Program &
Technology Strategies

EXPANSIA designs and implements integrated business and technology strategies to transform corporate enterprises and government programs into agile entities focused on the rapid and continuous delivery of value. Although we maintain expertise and certifications in most of the common agile-based frameworks, we do not subscribe to any particular agile method. Therefore, we work with the enterprise or program office to design and implement lean and agile principles at scale in a methodology and governance framework that addresses the client’s unique technology solution.

We can design a program, provide requisite training and coaching from certified instructors, help lead efforts when necessary, augment staff capabilities, provide technical assistance, coordinate communications, configure process tools–whatever is necessary to help drive culture change to an agile way of doing business. Ultimately, the enterprise acquires an optimal, agile skill set at a sustainable cadence, at which time the need for EXPANSIA’s involvement may be greatly reduced.


  • Agile Program Strategy Development
  • Lean-Agile Methodology and Governance
  • Agile Processes and Management Strategies
  • Contracting Strategies Support
  • Organizational Implementation Strategy and Execution
  • Technology Transition Strategy
  • Qualified Personnel Resources in Management and Engineering