Additive Manufacturing Integration


EXPANSIA’s Additive Manufacturing (AM) programs are pioneering the establishment of agile supply chains in the USAF. From the most antiquated component manufacturing and logistics structures, we are leveraging our domain expertise to identify, analyze, and prototype components suitable for Additive Manufacturing. Our methodology is trail-blazing the adoption of AM for weapons and armament systems, combining an innovative and rigorous process of data mining, 3D model-based technical data creation, engineering analysis, and digital sustainment.

In modernizing supply chains for Additive Manufacturing, EXPANSIA leads clients through the full digitalization of previously mechanical processes. From developing digital twins with model-based engineering to integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning, our methods include rigorous testing and qualification standards from the outset. Components entering the supply chain as production parts do so with the necessary standards and certifications to ensure their suitability in even the most challenging physical applications.


  • Lead full lifecycle AM development (concept, design, prototyping, qualification, production)
  • Construct digital lifecycle management systems improving supply chain resilience & optimizing component / part availability
  • Assess component / part suitability for Additive Manufacturing
  • Develop model-based technical data and digital designs for AM-suitable components
  • Implement digital twins and model-based designs to rapidly improve prototyping and fielding
  • Design qualification systems for AM-manufactured component certification